Everything you need to know about .in domains

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Website details

Enter any .in name and get a FREE report including data like current whois records, historic whois records, complete website screenshot history, network name, IP location, owner name and email address, registration dates, reverse IPs and many more!

IP address details

Enter any IP in use in India and get a FREE report including data like IP whois, geo location and domains used by the IP.

Website speed check

How long does your website take to load? Keep in mind that users are less likely to stay on a website that takes ages to load and loading speed remains an important ranking factor in Google’s algorithm. Try our .in website speed check.

Internet speed check

Curious about the performance of your internet connection? Our speed test takes no longer than a minute and performs three key measurements: download speed,upload speed and latency.

Email address verifier

This is a simple tool for verifying an email address whether it is real or not.

IP Address Distance Lookup

Our IP distance tool calculates the distance between 2 different IP addresses or webservers in either kilometres or miles.

Reverse IP lookup

Discover all the domain names hosted on any given IP address with our simple reverse IP lookup tool.

DNS lookup

.in DNS lookup tool

Email blacklist check

Email blacklist is a common way of reducing spam. Try our blacklist and reputation monitoring tool and find out whether your mail server has been blacklisted or not. If yes, some email you send may not be delivered.

indian internet statistics

Everything you need to know about the indian internet. Every day we process millions and millions of records to deliver the most comprehensive reports.

Domain whois history

Whois history is available for all .in domain names.

Screenshot history

Go back in time and see how .in websites looked years ago. Our screenshots are available in high resolution.

Expired .in domains

Find out the history of any expired .in domain name to make sure you are perfectly aware of what you’re getting, so you won’t be left surprised.